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An Immortal's statistics showing Armor as the third number.

Armor reduces Physical damage from weapons or abilities. Armor works on a diminishing returns system, such that the more Armor you gain, the less mitigation each point gives you. Armor can never reduce Physical damage below an 80% reduction. For example, if an Immortal deals 100 points of damage, that damage can never be reduced to below 20.

The counter stat to Armor is Armor Penetration.

Formula Edit

  • \mathrm{Damage Reduction}=\frac{\mathrm{Defense}}{\mathrm{Defense}+25}\cdot 100
  • \mathrm{Elevated HP Against Damage Type (EHP)}=\frac{\mathrm{HP}}{1-\frac{\mathrm{Damage Reduction}}{100}}

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