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Unbeknownst to his people, Balak is actually an Immortal. He was there when Graxia was first settled, and selected the Scoldamarr Mountains as the home for his people. Because he had no interest in ruling over his would-be subjects, Balak was content to step aside and let his true identity vanish in the mists of time. Adorned with a necklace amulet made of pure crystal (which Balak calls the Heart of the World), Balak was forced to reveal his true identity when war began to sweep across Graxia. He lost his arm to a dragon in the earliest days of the fighting.

When the dwarves first discovered that Graxia's crystals were dying, Balak believed that the world should be allowed to die its natural death. That is the way of the universe. However, he now has no choice but to fight for his people and represent them as their Immortal.


Balak ability icon target-sighting Passive/Active Ability
  • Passive: Increases Balaks attack range while the ability is not on Cooldown.
  • Active: Target enemy is Wounded, removing and blocking any stealth or invisibility effect and causing the target to take additional damage from all weapon damage sources for the duration.
Target Sighting
Balak ability icon dynamite-throw Balak throws a stick of dynamite at the targeted position. All enemies in the area are stunned for a short time, take physical damage, and have their attack speed reduced for a few seconds.
Dynamite Throw
Balak ability icon premium-powdered-bullets While active, each attack made by Balak becomes an AoE burst, dealing physical damage plus a small amount of additional physical damage to the primary target and a portion of that damage to nearby enemies.
Premium Powdered Bullets
Balak ability icon target-sighting Fires a carefully aimed shot at Balak’s target, dealing massive physical damage and silencing the target for a few seconds.
Balak ability icon treasure-seeker Signature Ability. Balak primes his gun and fires a barrage of bullets in a cone; all enemies in the area suffer significant physical damage every half second they remain in the cone. Furthermore, enemies within the cone and within melee range of Balak will be knocked back by the barrage.
Lucky Shot

Champion Tree


  • He was mentioned in Rise of Immortals’ lore before he was announced and released during the closed beta.
  • It was mentioned in his backstory that a dragon took his arm off early in the war but it wasn't made clear if it was Trovoc (although there's a possibility since he is the last dragon).
  • Balak was already in Guardians of Graxia, a game that precedes Rise of Immortals in terms of lore. Balak and Lord Vezin were the right answers to "Guess the Guardians and win two Rise of Immortals beta keys!" contest.


Rise of Immortals - Balak Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Balak Spotlight

Balak Spotlight