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Careborg wuvs u!

Story Edit

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to love someone to death? Neither did the multidimensional nanomachine virus, DWLPWRM27DXX.exe. As with most machines obtaining a certain degree of intelligence, DWLP had determined that all organic life was illogical and thus needed to be integrated into its archives and destroyed. However, it finally met its match when it entered dimension 7AF9 – known to the locals as “HuggleHolme”. Princess KittyBearCake was leading mid-afternoon Happy Funshine Dance when DWLPWRM27DXX.exe swarmed into view, blotting out the sky with its untold billions of microscopic mechanical subcomponents. Recognizing KittyBearCake as the ruler of this primitive society, it chose to integrate her first. Alas, its cold, calculating machine intelligence had underestimated KittyBearCake’s secret weapon: luv! In the first few microseconds of its integration, KittyBearCake took hold of its entire networked empire and saturated it with sugary sweetness. Their internal dialogue went something like this:

CareBorg LUVS U!! Her primary objective is to spread her love over all existence, but doesn’t seem to understand that she wreaks destruction as she does so. She employs skills such as SQUEE!, LOLZ!, GROUP HUG!!, UR SO SILLY!, and of course, I LUV U!! to deadly effect, variously resulting in area of affect damage over time or status ailments (such as uncontrolled vomiting).

Abilities Edit


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