Artifacts are items that are persisted on the Immortal throughout the META game. These items offer passive statistical enhancements to the Immortal, not too dissimilar from Tactical Items. However, as these items are persist between scenarios, the degree of their effects will likely be a fraction of those found on the Tactical Items detailed above. As a player wins and lose, their persistent level increases. Depending on their persistent level bracket, determines how many artifact slots they possess.

  • Persistent Level 1-10
1 Totem Slot, 1 Talismen slot
  • Persistent Level 11-20
2 Totem Slots, 2 Talismen slots, 1 Seal slot
  • Persistent Level 21-30
3 Totem Slots, 3 Talismen slots, 2 Seal slots, 1 Symbol Slots
  • Persistent Level 31-40
4 Totem Slots, 4 Talismen slots, 3 Seal slots, 2 Symbol Slots
  • Persistent Level 41-50
5 Totem Slots, 5 Talismen slots, 2 Seal slots, 2 Symbol Slots, 1 Relic Slot


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