Relics can be equipped at Persistent Level 41 onward in the Relic Slot. Relics cost 1250 Prestige Points or 250 Petroglyph Coins. Relics are the most powerful artifacts each possessing 3 effects/modifiers.

Relic of AnkmarEdit

  • +2 Armor, +2% Movement Speed, +2% Dodge Chance

Relic of Ankmar

Relic of GrimbarkEdit

  • +2 Magic Resistance, +1.5 Health Regen per Second, +40 Max Health

Relic of Grimbark

Relic of IronfistEdit

  • +4% Critical Strike Damage, +2.5% Critical Strike Chance, +3 Weapon Damage

Relic of Ironfist

Relic of RelizEdit

  • +3 Weapon Damage, +1.2 Armor Penatration, +1% Life Steal

Relic of Reliz

Relic of SharinorEdit

  • +3% Attack Speed, +2% Dodge Chance, +3% Cooldown Reduction

Relic of Sharinor

Relic of Ta'amuunEdit

  • +30 Mana, +3% Cooldown Reduction, +5% Spirit Vamp

Relic of TaAmuun

Relic of TrueheartEdit

  • +2 Gold per 10 Seconds, +2 Armor, +2 Magic Resistance

Relic of Trueheart

Relic of VolosEdit

  • +3% Ability Cooldown Reduction, +1.2 Magic Resistance Pen, +2 Magic Resistance

Relic of Volos

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