Seals can be equipped at Persistent Level 11 onward in a Seal Slot. Tier 1 Seal cost 375 Prestige Points or 75 Petroglyph Coins Tier 2 Seals require minimum Persistent Level 21 to be equipped. Tier 2 Seals cost 750 Prestige Points or 150 Petroglyph Coins A player can equip duplicate Seals.

Tier 1 Edit

Seal of Clarity

Seal of ClarityEdit

  • +1% Ability Colldown Reduction

Seal of Dexterity

Seal of DextarityEdit

  • +1% Movement Speed

Seal of Endurance

Seal of EnduranceEdit

  • +1% Attack Speed

Seal of Fortune

Seal of FortuneEdit

  • +1 Gold per 10 Seconds

Seal of Persistence

Seal of Persistence Edit

  • +0.8% Dodge Penetration

Seal of Wisdom

Seal of WisdomEdit

  • +1% Tactical XP Gain

Tier 2 Edit

Grand Seal of Dexterity

Grand Seal of ClarityEdit

  • +2% Ability Cooldown Reduction

Grand Seal of Clarity

Grand Seal of DexterityEdit

  • +1.5% Movement Speed

Grand Seal of Dexterity

Grand Seal of EnduranceEdit

  • +2% Attack Speed

Grand Seal of Endurance

Grand Seal of FortuneEdit

  • +2 Gold per 10 Seconds

Grand Seal of Fortune

Grand Seal of PersistanceEdit

  • +1.2% Dodge Penetration

Grand Seal of Persistence

Grand Seal of WIsdomEdit

  • +2% Tactical XP Gain

Grand Seal of Wisdom


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