Tier 1 Talismans can be equipped at Persistent Level 1 onwards in a Talismans Slot. Tier 1 Talismans cost 250 Prestige Points or 50 Petroglyph Coins Tier 2 Talismans require minimum Persistent Level 11 to be equipped. Tier 2 Totems cost 500 Prestige Points or 100 Petroglyph Coins A player can equip duplicate Talismans.

Tier 1 Edit

Talisman Blessed

Blessed TalismanEdit

  • +0.15 Mana Regen

Talisman Bone

Bone TalismanEdit

  • +0.5 Armor

Talisman Coral

Coral TalismanEdit

  • +10 Max Health

Talisman Fanged

Fanged TalismanEdit

  • +0.5% Dodge Chance

Talisman Ivory

Ivory TalismanEdit

  • +0.5 Magic Resistance

Talisman Petrified

Petrified TalismanEdit

  • +0.5% Life Steal

Talisman Sacred

Sacred TalismanEdit

  • +0.38 Health Regen

Tier 2 Edit

Gilded Talisman Blessed

Gilded Blessed TalismanEdit

  • +0.3 Mana Regen

Gilded Talisman Bone

Gilded Bone TalismanEdit

  • +1 Armor

Gilded Talisman Coral

Gilded Coral TalismanEdit

  • +20 Max Health

Gilded Talisman Fanged

Gilded Fanged TalismanEdit

  • +1% Dodge Chance

Gilded Talisman Ivory

Gilded Ivory TalismanEdit

  • +1 Magic Resistance

Gilded Talisman Petrified

Gilded Petrified TalismanEdit

  • +1% Life Steal

Gilded Talisman Sacred

Gilded Sacred TalismanEdit

  • +0.75 Health Regen


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