This page features answers to frequently asked questions.

What kind of game is Rise of Immortals?Edit

Rise of Immortals is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). The game has a strong focus on team-based scenarios with support for both player versus player (PvP) and co-op game modes.

Does it cost monthly to play?Edit

No. Rise of Immortals is a free-to-play game with microtransaction features.

Are Steam accounts separate from Petroglyph accounts?Edit

Yes, though you can use your originally registered Petroglyph account to login to Steam and gain achievements and other exclusives. If you are just registered through Steam and want to participate in the forums, you still need to fully complete the registration process on the forums!

What age group and level is the game for?Edit

Rise of Immortals fully supports both competitive ranked games and casual co-op, player versus environment (PvE) game modes, meaning Rise of Immortals has something to offer for every level of player.

Is it PvP only, or can I join a solo match?Edit

Players can choose to play in several PvP game modes, or team-up with their friends for a co-op scenario against AI bots.

Will you be releasing more characters on a regular basis?Edit

Absolutely! In fact, we have several Immortals in the development pipeline that will be revealed soon. We expect to have at least a couple of Immortals, as well as Skins, items, and other features released a couple of times a month each.

Does the game have friend/guild matchmaking support?Edit

Somewhat. There are currently sustained friends lists with player-made Guilds planned to be supported soon.

Do I get to keep any items and levels for my characters?Edit

Rise of Immortals is unique among MOBAs in that persistence is bound directly to the Immortal character. This means that the more you play a character, the more powerful they become through persistent itemization and Persistent Level.

Do all items and Immortals have to be purchased?Edit

No, Rise of Immortals is a free-to-play game, so most items will be free.

Do the developers make a presence in the game?Edit

Definitely! We'll be popping in from time to time to cheer you on. We've already participated in several community versus developer events... we won't let you know who won here, you will have to join the game to find out. :)

Where can I go to learn more and socialize with other players?Edit

If you already have a game account, chat with other players in the Social Hub! If you're still waiting, no worries, the Official Forums and our Social Networking Pages are great places to start.

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