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The last of the fabled Rikuryn warriors, Kyrie was raised by farmers far from the eyes of the world. Upon passing into womanhood, Kyrie's adoptive parents told her of her heritage, and how her mother was slaughtered by the Elder God Lazarus. They then bequeathed her Blood Storm, a sentient blade that had belonged to Kyrie's mother.

Vowing revenge on Lazarus, Kyrie headed out into the wastes. Guided by Blood Storm, Kyrie soon found herself at the Scarlet Tower, the very site where Blood Storm had been forged by the vengeance goddess, Ilsaelle. There, in a fit of rage, Kyrie made a blood oath upon the weapon's blade, vowing her eternal servitude in exchange for the ability to exact her revenge.

Moved by the young matriarch, Ilsaelle bestowed Kyrie with everlasting life.

For nearly two hundred years, Kyrie faithfully served her goddess, dispensing bloody vengeance upon those worthy of Ilsaelle's divine wrath. When Kyrie discovered that Lazarus had been summoned to fight in Graxia, Ilsaelle granted Kyrie's request that she be able to fight against the Elder Lord and, at long last, exact her revenge.

Kyrie eagerly awaits the day when Blood Storm will plunge through Lazarus' chest


KyrieLacerationPost Kyrie lacerates her enemy, dealing attack damage to the target. Reduces targets movement speed and armor, stacking several times.
Laceration Post
KyrieShurikenSalvo Kyrie launches a barrage of shurikens in a targeted direction, each shuriken dealing physical damage to the first enemy unit it strikes.
Shuriken Salvo
KyrieRush Kyrie rushes to her target. If her target is an enemy, they will be stunned as she reaches them. While traveling, Kyrie is immune to all damage and disable effects.
KyrieMeditatedAssault Kyrie concentrates for a brief moment before teleporting to her victim, stunning them while she strikes several times. Each strike deals physical damage.
Meditated Assault
Kyrie ability dementia gas bomb Signature Ability.Kyrie throws a gas bomb into the target area. All enemies are disoriented, slowing movement speed by half and preventing all weapon attacks and ability casting while in the area. As long as Kyrie remains in the cloud, she is invisible and invisibility will re-enable after being broken by attacking or using abilities. The cloud lasts for a few seconds.
Dementia Gas Bomb


  • One of the Original Six.
  • School Girl Kyrie skin strongly resembles Sailor Moon, from the hair color to the uniform. A sera-fuku or sailor outfit is a popular schoolgirl uniform in Japan.
  • Fighter Kyrie also resembles Nariko, the protagonist of the game Heavenly Sword.
  • Dementia Gas Bomb replaced an old skill called Combat Knowledge.[1]



Rise of Immortals - Kyrie Spotlight04:19

Rise of Immortals - Kyrie Spotlight

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