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Born a bastard into a clan of powerful Elder Gods, Lazarus grew up an outcast. Forced to live on the fringes of his society, and with his heart growing darker with each passing day, Lazarus dedicated himself to exacting revenge on the family that had rejected him.

Over the centuries, he systematically tracked down and slaughtered the other Elder Gods, devouring their souls in the process. And when the Elder Gods were no more, Lazarus turned his sights on humanity.

Humanity would not go down without a fight, however, and they managed to do something that the Elder Gods had failed to do -- they trapped Lazarus and imprisoned him in a tomb deep in the wastelands of the Seivan desert. And there Lazarus remained, shackled and imprisoned, for centuries.

But memories eventually fade.

In an act of desperation, Lazarus was freed by a Seivan prince who wanted Lazarus' assistance in defeating the Rikuryns. Unleashed upon the world, Lazarus destroyed the Sevians and the Rikuryns. In the waning moments of the battle, Lazarus butchered Kyrie's mother and took her head as a trophy.

Pulled from his realm to Graxia, Lazarus fights because he loves the thrill of combat, and the smell of blood and hot steel. But most important of all, he fights because he craves the souls of the other Immortals.


LazarusOblivionMissile Lazarus launches a missile of dark energy from his gauntlet at his target, dealing magic damage on impact and applying Oblivion Wound to the target healing Lazarus in the process.
Oblivion Missile
LazarusInnerStrength Lazarus gathers the strength of his fallen people, sacrificing his own health to gain Commanders Strength and bestow Inner Strength to nearby allies.
Inner Strength
LazarusFateOfDarkness Lazarus extends the Oblivion gauntlet into the nether realm to draw forth dark magic, damaging all nearby enemies over time, healing Lazarus.
Fate of Darkness
LazarusElderBlood Lazarus calls upon the power of his fallen people, driving him into an unstoppable rage. Generates a large amount of threat from enemy units and towers while increasing Lazarus movement speed and making him invulnerable to all damage for the duration.
Elder Blood
LazarusOblivionShift Signature Ability. Lazarus steps into the nether world and rapidly surges toward a targeted location, silencing and dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. Unlock the signature ability with Discipline points in the Champion Tree at persistent level 21.
Oblivion Shift


  • One of the Original Six
  • Lazarus, like Aislynn, has skins based on the flags of the USA, UK, and Canada. The 'Patriot' skins for Lazarus and Aislynn originated from a running joke in Closed Beta - The only strong Lazarus player was Oxygen, who was Canadian, so it was commonly joked that Lazarus should have Canadian flag banners on his back.
  • Lazarus as a whole seems to have loads of references to Rock music.
    • His Metal God skin, a skin exclusive to the closed beta testers, resembles Kiss’ vocalist/bassist Gene. The name of the skin is also a reference to a Judas Priest song.
    • His dance animation has him holding and strumming on his scythe as if it’s a guitar.
  • He was voiced by Frank Klepacki, Petroglyph Audio Director, a famous video game musician, who is the mastermind of Westwood Command and Conquer series music.
  • Lazarus as a whole is a possible shout-out to Mordekaiser from League of Legends - Both tank through leeching mechanics that rely on them dealing damage with abilities, and they both have huge weapons, an abundance of heavy-metal references, and very similar dances.
  • Lazarus had his voice actor changed at some point.
  • His quote "There can be only one." is a reference to the film Highlander, where a battle is fought between immortals, appropriately enough.


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Rise of Immortals - Lazarus Spotlight