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Born to race of men that were cursed by The Netheurgist, Vezin was the first of his kind to realize that the world they inhabited wasn't real, that it was nothing more than a horrifying mirage. Because he understood that the nightmares weren't real, they lost their power and Vezin was able to break free.

As the chosen Immortal for his people, Vezin's first concern is finding and killing The Netheurgist, for only then will his people be free. Once The Netheurgist is dealt with, Vezin will then shift his focus and do whatever is necessary to preserve his people's crystals.


Vezin ability icon deathly-presence Passive/Active Ability
  • Passive: Allied Immortals gain increase spirit vamp while this ability is not on cooldown.
  • Active: Ability deals moderate magic damage and slightly reduces movement speeds of those hit by the AoE slightly for a few seconds.
Deathly Presence
Vezin ability icon unholy-spore When cast on an ally, creates a damage aura that deals magic damage over time to nearby enemies and increases mana regeneration for the duration. When cast on a foe, immediately silences them for a few seconds and drains a portion of their maximum mana per second for the duration.
Unholy Spore
Vezin ability icon vortex Vezin summons a powerful vortex at the targeted location, damaging all enemies with magic damage over time as they are pulled towards the center of the effect.
Vezin ability icon arena-of-death Vezin summons a circle of dark wraiths that deal major magic damage and stun enemies that cross the arenas threshold for a few seconds.
Arena of Death
Vezin ability icon realm-of-death Signature Ability Vezin teleports to the target location and forms a deadly pool that deals significant magic damage over time. Vezin himself is rendered immune to damage and disable effects, but is silenced for the duration of this ability.
Realm of Death



Rise of Immortals - Lord Vezin Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Lord Vezin Spotlight