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The Savage King was not born to his crown. Like many kings before him, Pycon rose to greatness from a life of obscurity, seizing power with brute force, iron will, and a bit of strong-armed diplomacy.

After many long years of brutal warfare, the Savage King's legions conquered his native plains, uniting once-warring tribes into a single nation. No longer turning their weapons upon each other, the mighty warriors of the plains became an unstoppable force, surging across the lands like a tidal wave of horns, hooves, and steel. When the dust finally settled, Pycon was a veritable emperor whose command reached across the known world.

Only one kingdom remained to stand against Pycon and his fearsome legions.

The sun worshiping Tau'khan proved formidable opponents and after nearly a decade of bloody conflict, an armistice was agreed to by both sides. After years of uneasy peace, the priests that ruled the jungle kingdom issued a challenge that the savage king could not resist: should he defeat their greatest warrior, they would yield to the mighty king.

When Pycon and his disciples arrived at the palace, the priests brought forth their champion and spoke of the tournament waging on a distant world called Graxia. There the king and champion would fight not as enemies, but as brothers-in-arms against the mightiest warriors in all existence. Only if and when they emerge victorious over all others will they turn to face each other in final combat.

Unphased by the revelation, Pycon insisted that the order open the portal and as he stepped through, he thundered triumphantly, "Ready a feast for the return of your king! I won't be long."


Pycon ability icon rending-throw 100x Pycon hurls an axe in the targeted direction, damaging all enemies in the path. If the axe strikes an enemy immortal, it will deal additional damage and snare their movement speed. Additionally, Pycon can retrieve the axe to refresh the cooldown timer.
Rending Throw
Pycon ability icon walloping-smash 100x A single target melee attack, this ability deals massive damage to the primary target and knocks back nearby enemies.
Walloping Smash
Pycon ability icon warhorn 100x Pycon sounds his war horn, buffing all allies in the area of effect. This ability affects allied creeps as well as allied immortals.
Pycon ability icon herculean-rampage 100x Pycon rushes to his target enemy, dealing damage and pushing back enemies in the line of the charge.
Herculean Rampage
Pycon ability icon hulking-furor 100x Signature Ability. Pycon feeds upon the frenzy of battle, increasing his damage and Movement Speed as he takes damage from his enemies.
Hulking Furor


  • Pycon was mentioned in the game prior to his announcement as the Disciples of Pycon mega-creeps were named after him and when Scorpix was accidentally renamed into Pycon in a patch.
  • The name of his alternate skins are based on different breeds of cows.
  • Before they became Crystal Zealots, super-creeps on one side were named Disciples of Pycon.
  • His design, and by extent the Disciples of Pycon, resembles the minotaurs from Mytheon, another Petroglyph game.


Rise of Immortals - Pycon Spotlight03:26

Rise of Immortals - Pycon Spotlight

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