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Centuries ago, a wandering monk named Tzai decided to rest near a serene pool. He meditated for several days, and only left his state of tranquility when he felt a blast of ice-cold air rush past him. When Tzai opened his eyes, he saw a demonic doppelganger sitting across the pool, its jet-black eyes reflecting the monk's image back at him.

Monk and demon stood and approached to stand face-to-face, breath-to-breath. The battle between Tzai and his demon self was spectacular and vicious, yet for all his discipline, for all his strength and wisdom, the monk fell before the demon's overwhelming might. The demon and monk were forged into one being -- Tzai's mortal body consumed by the demon's wicked soul. For a hundred years the demon roamed the countryside, terrorizing and slaughtering entire villages for nothing more than the joy of it. Eventually, the possessed monk was cornered and forced into submission by a coven of powerful magi. The magi freed Tzai from the demon's influence; ashamed of what his fists had wrought, Tzai begged the magi to kill him. They refused. Instead, Tzai would journey to Graxia and fight as an Immortal. Should Tzai emerge victorious, the magi will honor Tzai's request and grant him the final peace that he so desperately desires.


Tzai ability icon flying-kick new Tzai channels the demon’s power to execute a flying kick, dealing current weapon damage as magical damage to all enemies in the path and bonus weapon damage + magical damage to the primary target.
Flying Kick
Tzai ability icon demons-gaze Blasts enemies with magic damage. For every enemy struck by the blast, Tzai gains a Demonic Resonance charge, increasing attack damage and movement speed for a few seconds per charge.
Demons Gaze
Tzai ability icon focused-chakra Active/Passive Ability
  • Passive: Adds a Chakra charge every few seconds. Each Chakra adds armor penetration and magic resistance penetration as well as additional critical strike chance.
  • Active: Consumes all Chakras, temporarily negating stun and snare debuff effects while increasing dodge and magic resistance for a few seconds.
Focused Chakra
Tzai ability icon death-flurry Stuns Tzai’s targeted enemy for a few seconds while Tzai unleashes a flurry of attacks, each dealing full attack damage and bonus magic damage.
Death Flurry
Tzai ability icon demonic-rage Signature Ability. The demon within takes control of Tzai for a brief duration, removing any stuns and movement impairing effects and blocking them for the duration. In addition, Tzai gains resistance to all damage, life steal, and increases to his own damage from attacks and abilities.
Demonic Rage


  • His Old School Kung Fu skin may be a possible reference to the martial artist Jim Kelly who was famous during the 1970s and also co-starred with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Tzai also wears bell-bottoms in this skin, a kind of trousers famous during the 1970s. Old-School Kung Fu Tzai has a different dance animation compared to Tzai's other skins.
  • Clergy Tzai resembles the legendary Bak Mei (literally “White Eyebrows”), a character portrayed in several Chinese Martial Arts movies. Additionally, his uniform resembles those that are worn by the students of Master Roshi's Turtle School.
  • Tzai has a lot of similarities with Tien Shinhan from the Dragon Ball universe. Both are bald martial artists with a third eye. Tzai’s icon for Focused Chakra resembles Tien’s stance (hands forming a triangular shape) when charging his Tri-Beam technique although it might only be a coincidence due to the gesture being a common representation of concentration.
  • He also resembles Combustion Man from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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Rise of Immortals - Tzai Spotlight